Reinvention & Renewal

It’s been some time since my last post. Much has changed; much remains the same.

As usual, I am embracing a new lifestyle. A new way of fueling and feeding my body. The whole food plant based “diet”.

After much research and experimentation, my body and brain have embraced this “diet” and the creativity it allows in food prep.

So as my conclusion extends itself, you may expect to see a plethora of plant based ideas and recipes.

There is a fine line between vegan and Whole food, plant based. Vegan, primarily focused of the ethical nature of animal treatment in our agricultural system. I don’t refer to myself as vegan, and will occasionally consume animal products in lieu of a celebration or as an occasional condiment.

I am doing it for my health and well being; to shift the perspective in how I fuel myself.

It’s truly been fascinating!

Also, I am relocating to Washington D.C in a little over a month.

There are bright things on the horizon.

I hope to share with you some thoughts, recipes & insights in the time to come.


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