There is a lot of information out there swirling around that tells you what to eat or how to live to feel good. Wellness to me is a balancing act.

At a certain point in my research I’ve come to realize that I have a lot to unlearn. 

Daily, we are plagued with more information than we are built to process about what we should or shouldn’t be doing to make ourselves feel good during what little time we have on this planet. Unfortunately some of the information does not come to us with our best interest in mind. Its important to study and examine what truths lie in the overabundance of information. I recommend looking for multiple sources and self experimenting. I for one am somewhat susceptible to “fad nutrient advice”. I’ve tried several things/diets/supplements/ideas my body did not tolerate well and caused more harm than good on more than one occasion.

I think that its particularly important to remember that we are all very uniquely designed. Generally speaking, our organs and skin and bones are essentially in the same places but there is a vast array of processes happening at a microbial level that are hugely responsible with how we carry ourselves through life, and how we regularly feel. I’ve learned that taking care of your gut is one of the biggest and most important things you can do for yourself.


“Everybody knows about the heart and the lungs,” Guardino says. “They’re always in the news, and they’re the sexy topics.”

And yet the gut houses one of the most important clusters of nerves in our bodies. The enteric nervous system, often called the “second brain,” is threaded in the lining of our stomachs — so problems in our belly can lead to problems in our ENS. The ENS controls the gut independently from the brain, though it is in regular communication with our central nervous system. “The two nervous systems are very much intertwined,” Guardino says. “You can think of them almost like conjoined twins.” Remember those butterflies in your stomach I mentioned earlier? That’s the ENS revving you up.  link


I am taking a step towards learning how to better care for myself by experimenting with  my gut health, I want to know first hand the changes that occur- this fascinates me. I start with gentle foods, bone broth, fermented foods & mindful eating. Mindful eating meaning taking time to relax and enjoy my food rather than scarfing it down in seconds as I am so lovingly accustomed to. Our bodies tend to have an easier time digesting and absorbing nutrients if they are given food slowly as opposed to enormous amounts all at once. Just picture a snake who just ate a rabbit- we aren’t snakes.

People (previously including myself) become enamored with certain diets (raw, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, paleo etc.) forgetting that we as individuals may not be able to processes these types of raw foods easily. It takes a pretty strong tummy to breakdown lots of raw food all at once, often leaving a person gassy and bloated. Or you may simply need more nutrients than you can get from these types of diets.

I too fed into several of these diets. I liked the idea of being “plant based”. Especially with all the attention of several athletes that seem to be fit as fiddles by only consuming plants. It was fascinating and there was plenty of research to back it up.

However, the more I study and the more I learn about protein and its function in our cell development and regeneration, the more reasons I have to consume animals. My ideas of animal consumption are not the sale ground beef or the $.99 eggs.  I have decided that if I am going to consume these things I am going to seek out meats that are as natural as possible and that are fed what they naturally eat. Spending the extra money to do something healthy for my body, and to vote against the unhealthy practice of feedlot farming.

I am learning more functional and efficient ways to care for my body. I am realizing that the fancy powders and well marketed supplements are not always the answer. The answer is in the foods we choose to eat and how we choose to eat them.

It all is more simple and clear than we imagine. There is a lot of money behind you believing that you are sick or lacking in certain nutrients. We have the ability to heal ourselves from the inside out- from any ailment, and it is all directly related to the food we eat!




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