What I wish I could tell myself at 20

1)You don’t have to try so hard
This is especially true when it comes to impressing others. You don’t need to fit yourself inside someone’s expectations or try to win acceptance. Some people will like you and some people won’t. Don’t be upset when you can’t please someone – move on. Life is too short and your soul is too fragile to withstand the tests and worry you’re putting yourself through.

2)Everyone is doing the best they can
Some people make messes and some people clean them up. Sometimes you’re the one doing the cleaning. Sometimes others won’t be as kind or polite as you. It’s not their fault, its where they are in life. Do not fight against opposition, anger or malice. Learn to bend, and understand that everyone is simply trying to make a better life for themselves in whatever situation they happen to be in. Don’t contribute to the hostility- instead show your light. You have kindness and love in your soul, don’t hide it.

3)Trust the process
Believe that the things you need will come to you in time. It’s true when they say, “when the student is ready the teacher will arrive”. Everything, takes its natural course – just as the seasons change and plants bloom, so will your life.

4)Be kind to yourself-
Don’t push yourself so hard into an idea you have about yourself and then become frustrated and upset when you don’t fit. You don’t look as tough as you think you do and there is no reason to be. Again, don’t contribute to the hostility. Be the light. Show love, let yourself be kind – give in to the good. Indulge in that which will make your soul happy and alive. Stop trying so hard to be “hard” you’re not. You are loving, cheerful and joyous. That’s what you need to extend to the world. Shine light, don’t add to the dark. There’s enough of that already.

5)Stand firm in your faith – go to church
Your soul sings when you give it a space to do so. Feed your spirituality and it will feed you. Don’t be ashamed of your beliefs and don’t hide them/hide from them. Each person has their own sets of values and beliefs not everyone will agree with you and that’s a beautiful part of life. Contribute to the conversation of religion and your values. This creates a dialogue amongst culture, location & age. This contributes to more understanding.

6)Start running
Learn to appreciate the body you’ve been given. Use it, care for it & enjoy it. Learning to love running will benefit almost every area in your life.

7) Be patient
You are going to receive everything you have been asking for.
Your husband, the job, the apartment, the travels & life of your dreams is coming – be patient.

8)Respect yourself  and others will respect you. Don’t be a doormat and don’t chase after things/people/relationships that are difficult. You cannot change people – people change themselves when there is a reason they believe in.

9)Don’t be too hard on yourself; you’re doing just fine

10) Your power lies in your passion- find it, feed it, and nurture it.

11)Save your money and learn to budget. A good credit score translates to a good relationship with debt. Don’t borrow money.
Pay your debts first and start to save your money, you’ll need that.

12) Slow Down


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