It’s day number 14 of my sugar detox, month number 4 of my marathon training and month number 2 since regularly meditating with a group. Endurance; both its value and significance come to mind frequently.

What does endurance mean to you? 

To me it means withstanding uncomfortable situations to challenge myself and grow as a person. I am exceptionally prone to making decisions that challenge my endurance. Wether it be mental or physical.

There is a certain amount of endurance when it comes to any sort of detox. Endurance comes with the ability to remind yourself that moments are fleeting. The work is challenging but the reward is worth the pain or discomfort.

Putting yourself through scenarios that require much endurance usually end with a mental change of perspective and growth.

The most I’ve gained from my endurance building both in the world of running and in my life in other areas,  is not to make as quick of decisions.

I usually am very compulsive and generally a speedy person. I walk, talk and move fast. I am always looking for ways to maximize efficiency and to do things faster. I think this came from my informal militaristic chef training and military family roots.

Building endurance is something that forces me to slow down. Running really cemented this theory. Pace is important.

Not pace as you might think of mph or minutes per mile. But pace to endure.

Im looking to find the most efficient pace to live my life by. The pace to endure whatever pain or even excitement that comes my way. Through my ability to wear myself out completely on a long run and to finish strong, or to say no to extreme sugar cravings that challenge my sense sanity.

Even in my meditation life – when its 20 minutes into a hour meditation and I can’t slow my speedy thoughts down from bouncing around my head. Its endurance that keeps me in the chair.

I can almost guarantee that the next time I sit in that chair – its just a little bit easier.

Its having power to rule your mind – thats what fascinates me and keeps me on a mission towards self improvement.


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