Sugar Detox: Day 4

How is my sugar detox going? It has been successful, but not enjoyable.

The cravings have increased substantially; especially after meals. I have a headache that replace the times I would usually binge.

At one point I tried to convince myself that maybe I’d make myself sick going cold turkey, maybe I would confuse my body too much!

Sugar lies!

-My skin has cleared up and remained clear – still in observation. I am prone to cystic pimples. Part of me is hoping it had something to do with the high amount of sugar intake. Will report findings at a later date.

-Energy levels are higher than usual. Mood slightly more stable.

-My body feels lighter when moving – less fatigue.

-I am feeling a little more patient and controlled, less erratic. My sense is that it has to do with not giving into the instant gratification of guaranteed sugar happiness rush.

-I am sleeping well, but that hadn’t been an issue since I’m running so much.

-The constant obsessing has not stopped-I am thinking of this detox most parts of the day. I’m hoping that will diminish with time.

-I’ve been very careful about reading labels and ensuring no added sugar is consumed. You’d be surprised how many packaged items have sugar snuck into them. The most disappointing has been BBQ sauce.

-I’ve been drinking 600 ml of water upon intense sugar craving. Seems to be helping.

-I’ve been more emotional than usual. Temper tantrums with myself in my head.

-I am not crazy…ok maybe slightly.

-I’ve been indulging in red cherries and pineapple smoothies

                                             Im staying strong – 26 days to go

Day 2 – I ran a 10 k and felt I deserved ice cream, but did not give in. It was especially hard during, and at the end of the race. The aid stations had sweet candy snacks and salty chips. I was able to opt for the latter. At the end of the race there was several varieties of amazing cookies- to my surprise I have nothing to report on their taste.
Day 3 – Day long motorcycle ride kept me mostly away from temptation. However, I did have a mini meltdown in Dunkin Donuts. It was the afternoon; my weakest moment. The donuts….they were calling.
I did not give in, but I wanted to…badly.

Side note – gas station foods contain mostly sugar. Even beef jerky- beware friends. However, I did find olives in one. Salty is able to satiate the cravings to a certain extent.

Everything is going to be ok –


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