I am not an athlete, I am a human. I am a human with the goal of running a marathon in October.

This is a far cry from the nature of my blog when it started. Just as with most of life, my blog is adjusting and adapting.

I go through phases. Phases of passion and intense focus. When I started this blog I was primarily focused on baking anything and everything that I could think of.

This time last year, I was possessed with the idea of learning how to bake an amazing loaf of bread. So I did it.
The year before, I was obsessed with learning to grow my own food and work for myself, so I did it.
The year before that, I was obsessed with working at the finest restaurant in Palm Beach, so I did.

I am now possessed with the idea of training my body to run a marathon. Im fascinated by the idea of a body as a functioning machine that requires a certain amount and type of fuel, to run with heightened performance. I am fascinated that this body, that I am so blessed to have, was designed to move designed to run.

Often times, during my runs I think about the way I am moving, the way my feet touch the ground, how the breath feels coming in and out of my nostrils and mouth. The smell of the air around me and the temparature.

Our bodies, much like seeds that produce food, have certain requirements. You can not make a plant grow by pushing on it or yelling at it. Most likely that plant will die or cripple and not produce fruit. More often than not, a plant grows best when it has the essentials and it is unencumbered by much attention (think of weeds; dandelions) A lot has to do with time, temperature and location of course.

Much like a plant our bodies require us to give them time to grow. I cannot force myself to run 10 miles without injury, when I can’t run 2. My “running muscles” must be trained to be active. They must also be given time to recover and replenish themselves. Which is where the “fuel” or nutrition part comes in.

But the fact that they CAN be trained to be active, thats what I’m most passionate about. We all have essentially the same chemical and physical properties. My body, though not trained and cared for the same as, has the basic functions of an athlete.

(I don’t mean to sound insensitive to cases of those with disabilities or inabilities. There is a million situations and scenarios)

I am interested in not only training my body to run 26.2 miles, but also training my mind. Training myself to be able to acknowledge physical pain, but not identify with it. To look objectively at the situation and to stay with my breath.

I’d like to run the marathon with the mind of meditation.

That is the goal, thank you for reading.








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