Stepping stones

At one time in my life I worked on an organic farm in Indiantown, FL. I have the upmost admiration and respect for the woman who shared this beautiful farm with her husband. It was hard to tell her age, as years of farming in the Florida sun had hardened her physically, but my guess would be mid 60s’s. She often grumbled about different problems regarding her  crops. Caterpillars, too much rain, too little rain, not enough product etc. I often found myself asking her to step back, to look at the big picture.

At a distance this 40 acre organic farm was a stunning and beautiful picture of well tended abundance. She couldn’t see it the way I could.  She could only see the catipillars destroying her tomatos or the flooded broccolini acre.

Isn’t that so typical of life?

We create something beautiful and forget to step back and enjoy it. We choose to see all of the flaws rather than the success. We expect perfection in our endeavors, if it’s anything less than perfection we hold up the flaws like a red flag in our mind. Taking away the ability to fully embrace and enjoy our creation.

We resent our stepping stones, always aching to arrive at our destination. It’s hard to trust the process, and yourself.

In my life, I am prone to abandonment prior to success. I am a self-sabotage extraordinaire. It’s almost easier to accept unnecessary defeat on my own terms rather than the chance for uncontrolled failure.

I, like my farming friend, refuse to see the big picture. It’s hard to enjoy my accomplishments and the fruits of my labor if they aren’t perfect. It’s hard to be OK with OK.

It’s hard to be hopping from one stepping stone to the next, especially if you can’t invision the end result. It’s easy to get caught up on our steps and forget what we’re working towards.

The importance lies in appreciating the stepping stones. Never forgetting the importance of each one. Embracing the fact that your not there yet, and that’s ok.

I suppose it would be just as easy to enjoy where we are, because soon it will be a memory and you’ll have new stones to hop from.


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