Intentions for a new year.

We all struggle to find what we’re looking for in this life. We set high expectations of ourselves and try to measure up to what we think those around us need or want. We create insurmountable goals for ourselves that we would never dream of asking a friend or acquaintance to meet.

We walk around in circles chasing our tails for money and the pursuit of the American dream. The nature of humans: to continually build themselves, to continue to progress.  Build higher, build bigger, build better, prove them wrong. All things we tell ourselves and think acceptable. 

Why can’t it be enough to tend to our metaphorical garden, or our home, our space in this world. Is there a point we can reach where it will be enough.

Is it hiding behind the next achievement? What if we whittled down our life to necessities. I’m not referring to owning less physically.  Its mental.

 What if we stopped, got off the wheel and looked around. Took a break from trying so hard.  What if we did things not for the approval it brings or to feed our ego. What if we did what fed our soul?

I’ve been working a lot on decluttering, mentally and physically. Ive been trying to understand my place in this world without defining it by my job or my possessions. To see myself objectively.

This year I’m interested in learning how to be the best version of myself. To declutter my mind of the burden of the past and look forward. Im not interested in acquiring more things.Im interested in acquiring experiences, new habits that feed my body and soul. New routines that contribute to me being the best version of myself. 




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