Home, Made.

With the holidays in full swing I sit on my couch with my cat on my feet and consider what it is that makes a home. Wether it be the comforts of smelling a kitchen alive with flour sugar and eggs, or a roasting chicken and rosemary.

Could it be take out Chinese food on a cold winter night in front of the t.v? I think it could be both. I think that you, are what makes your home.

I think your family, however big or small give the ability to transform a house into a home. It’s the small moments in between words, actions and shuffling between tasks. It’s the feeling of enough. It’s the feeling of peace and comfort available within the walls you reside.

For me, home has been many places and spaces. The thing that always ties them together is the company I keep. I don’t think home is always found in your surroundings, but also in the warmth and generosity of people.

In some cultures, the act of inviting someone into your home and cooking a  dinner for them is a sacred act of love and respect. What it amounts to is a symbol of the hosts appreciation for you.

You can also consider charity food service and find the “home” inside. People, servants of the general public. Willing to give freely of their time to those who cannot provide food for themselves and their family. Those people that make time to create a home in even the coldest and seemingly most desperate of situations. Less fortunate people, are greeted with warmth and love of a family they may have never known. The simple act of feeding someone, even at this level is sacred. It is an act of love and selflessness. Creating a home feeling for foreigners of the home concept.

Yes homemade can mean lovingly prepared in your kitchen, but for now I choose to mediate on making home in the moments between meals. Home is much more than food and drink. Home is love and hospitality. Home is comfort.

May we strive to make home wherever we are and wherever we go.


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