Sourdough Bread


To me bread translates to the very nature of hospitality at its finest. When we arrive on this planet we first receive 2 things, warmth and sustenance. This is what bread provides, in one package.

Since recently accepting a job as a professional bread baker, I have a lot of time to think about bread. I have developed a bit of what some might call an obsession, I prefer to call it passion.  The more time I spend in the bakery, the clearer it becomes. How fascinating and unique bread is.

You take 2 seemingly simple ingredients and combine them to create something that can sustain life.

The process of creating a loaf of sourdough is very involved. You must master certain techniques. You must be able to control time, temperature and ingredients. When the proper steps are taken, it’s a thing of beauty.

You first create a starter, or “mother”, which in itself is a natural occurring yeast sponge that you can harness to create the structure of  your loaf.

A starter is simply fermenting flour and water. Its alive and bubbling at its finest. This, when added to a standard dough recipe creates  a sour…almost cheddar like taste. It allows your bread to rise without adding unnatural yeast. Bread was intended to be cooked and eaten this way.

Up until 2 centuries ago, all bread was created in this form.

Here is a quote from Nourishing Traditions, that is a very well stated way of getting to my point.

“Baking with natural leaven is in harmony with nature and maintains the integrity and nutrition of the cereal grains used… The process helps to increase and reinforce our body’s absorption of the cereal’s nutrients. Unlike yeasted bread that diminished, even destroyed nutrients. A lot of that information was known pragmatically for centuries; and thus when yeast was first introduced in France at the court of Louis XIV in March 1668, because at that time the scientists already knew that the use of yeast would imperil the people’s health, it was strongly rejected. Today, yeast is used almost universally, without any testing; and the recent scientific evidence and clinical findings are confirming that ancient taboos with biochemical and bioelectronic valid proofs that wholly support that age-old common sense decision”. Jacques DeLangre

Bread can be good for you…… Bread can be nutritious….. Bread can help your body to absorb nutrients.

When eating a loaf created with integrity and the use of timeless traditions, your body will thank you.




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