The best Rueben Sandwich I ever met.

Recently, I embarked on a motorcycle trip from CT, to explore the scenic byways in MA, starting with with Mohawk trail and connecting to RT 116 to result in a lovely 250 mile round trip back to CT. Highly recommended way to spend an afternoon.


Starvation had set in around 150 miles, unintentionally directing us towards what might be the best and most memorable reuben sandwich I’ve ever had. It was perfect in all the ways you expect. Fresh rye bread, cooked with butter to a crisp, house made thousand island dressing, corned beef that was exceptionally seasoned and heated to a proper temperature. Two perfect slices of Swiss cheese cascading over the edges of the bread to a reasonable extent.
To finish it off, a layer of sauerkraut. A side of cole slaw, that I couldn’t complain about, and a very friendly waitress, cook, chef & owner.
Bonnie Brown (owner) is wonder woman and I am glad to hear of her coming into her 7th successful year of business. Bonnie,  cooks her food with love and soul and deserves every ounce of success that comes her way.

I recommend you stop whatever it is that your doing, and find a way to get to Trail Toc Diner right away!


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