A Perfect One Egg Breakfast For 2

Its kind of like a Croque Madame without any of the right ingredients. Its also like a lot like Eggs in A Basket with a bunch of extras. Either way you want to see it, it makes me happy in the morning

1 Frying pan (I prefer cast iron)
1 Spatula
1 Knife

1 Egg
1 Thickly sliced piece of home made (or store bought) potato bread
2 Slices of your favorite cheese (I used pepper jack)
2 Slices of Fresh ripe tomatoes
2 Pinches of Salt for your egg and tomato
1 T Quality butter
1 T Canola or vegetable oil

May be unnecessary to you, but I like side salads with breakfast (its very french of me). I think it rounds out  breakfast in all the right ways.

My side salad here was very simple: 
1 Cup shredded kale
I Dash of quality olive oil
1 Dash of fresh lemon juice
1 Pinch of kosher salt
2 Turns of a white pepper grinder
(toss by hand in wide bowl to mix)



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